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On the Pulse News
The latest local and worldwide news on heart disease and stroke research.
Press Releases
Hear what our researchers and experts have to say about the latest research findings and advances.
Report Cards on Health
Every February, the Heart and Stroke Foundation highlights a new issue concerning Canada’s heart health. And every June, the Foundation investigates a new area of research or health concern in stroke. 
Heart & Stroke Position Statements
Get our views on current issues relating to heart disease, stroke and healthy living.
Canadian Cardiovascular Congress
Information and past press releases from the annual Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.
The Foundation plays a leading role in the development of relevant statistics on heart disease and stroke in Canada.
Media contacts
We can provide a national overview on heart disease and stroke issues, and local expertise and commentary across the country.
The Foundation produces a number of publications, primarily aimed at providing heart disease and stroke information to the general public. Some of our major publications can be found in this section.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Thank you for supporting the Foundation's efforts in raising awareness and funds to support vital research and health education programs. A wide variety of broadcast, print and out-of home PSA materials are available here for download.