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Apple maple cheddar muffins
These are a great little muffin to pack into the kids lunches.

Banana maple blueberry muffins
These hearty muffins will make a great start to your day.

Mocha fruit Bircher muesli
A new twist that will spark your morning routine.

Ginger granola & pineapple cottage cheese
Change up your usual breakfast routine with a touch of the exotic.

Apple cranberry muffins
Using fruit purees helps reduce sugar and fat when baking.

Almond oat bars
The addition of proteins and fats will help revive your body and mind.

Banana strawberry muffins
These muffins are full of fresh fruit flavour with a hint of cinnamon.

Mango strawberry smoothie
This smoothie with flavourful fruit, milk and Greek yogurt makes a good addition to a balanced breakfast or a refreshing post-exercise snack.

Carrot apple pancakes
Serve alongside your favourite protein.

Oatmeal date pancakes
Delicious topped with yogurt and fruit.

Maple banana bread
Perfect to tuck into a lunchbox or enjoy after school.

Apple cinnamon quinoa porridge
A hot cereal for breakfast is a great way to start the day.

Instant oatmeal pumped up
Use plain instant oatmeal for a healthy breakfast shortcut.

Deconstructed egg sandwich
A grab and go breakfast that makes a perfect packed lunch.

Berry, ricotta and oat crisp salad
A healthy brunch dish that combines protein, fresh fruit and instant wow factor.

Anna Olson’s whole grain pancakes with apple compote and yogurt
A deliciously healthy weekend breakfast.

Buttermilk blueberry muffins
Blueberries burst in your mouth with each bite.

Orange coconut cookies
Get the kids to help roll and shape the cookies for a fun weekend activity.

Cranberry granola bars
Naturally sweet dates make this recipe a winner with no added sugars.

Mexican baked eggs on black beans
Accompany with fresh salsa and a mixed dark green salad for a simple, yet impressive brunch.

Summer lovin’ strawberry pancakes
Longer days and warmer weather means berries have arrived!

Be green smoothie
This recipe has extra nutrition built right in and tastes great!

Fun French toast sticks with pineapple orange topping
Wake up to this delicious French toast.

Classic poached eggs
Whip up restaurant-worthy poached eggs in five minutes flat.

Oatmeal porridge with almonds and cherries
Whole grain oatmeal that’s cooked to perfection.

No bake toasted oat granola bars
Enjoy the natural sweetness of dates in this recipe.

Eat your greens frittata
You can’t go wrong with eggs at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Energy boosting muffins
These wholesome, moist muffins are a nourishing way to start your day.

Easy bake cheese stratas
These easy-to-make stratas are sure to become a family favourite.

Dark and gloomy berry smoothie
This gloomy-coloured smoothie makes a perfect spooky Halloween breakfast.

Pumpkin, chocolate and cheddar muffins
These moist muffins deliver the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

Breakfast on-the-go cookies
Beat the morning rush with this hearty breakfast cookie. Just grab and go!

Fibre-boost berry smoothie
This recipe has extra nutrition built right in and tastes great!

Anna Olson’s muesli muffins
Healthy and satisfying, these muffins are perfect for a mid-morning snack or packed in your lunch bag.

Mini zucchini chocolate chip muffins
Baked into golden muffins with warm spices, a touch of honey and a hit of chocolate, zucchini never tasted so good.

Protein-packed peach strawberry smoothie
Homemade smoothies are a super way to get kids and adults to boost their milk, fruit and vegetable servings.

Maple chocolate mug muffin
Enjoy this mug muffin with fresh fruit and yogurt as part of your morning.

Yummy apple breakfast cookies
Cookies for breakfast? These moist cookies loaded with oats, milk and fresh apples, are a terrific start to the day.

Honey, fig and yogurt muffins
Packed with healthy goodness, these muffins get natural sweetness from honey and figs.

Tropical breakfast couscous
ouscous is quick to make and the tropical twist and tangy yogurt topping will surely brighten up everyone’s morning.

Breakfast tacos
Kids will love this healthy, fun dish to start the day. It’s high in protein and filled with Mexican flavours.

Make-ahead berry breakfast parfaits
Make your own beautiful breakfast parfaits in the evening and you’ve got a nutritious and delicious breakfast ready to go in the morning.

Creamy cinnamon oatmeal
Here’s a hot breakfast that’s a classic rib-sticker, made even healthier with wheat germ. Change it up with fresh fruit toppings like berries or chopped apple or pear.

Shake It UP
This is perfect to buzz up in the morning or the night before and keep it in the fridge. Be sure to shake it up before pouring it into a glass or mug to enjoy. Change up the flavours as the seasons change with peaches, nectarines, plums or raspberries.

Egg-white soufflé
Soufflés are tricky as they puff up beautifully and then collapse before you know it. The best part about it all is that you get to see it happen and enjoy the creamy delicious flavour that it has. Choose a 1 L (4 cup) size bowl for this simple soufflé to watch it grow and puff in the microwave as it cooks.

Mini breakfast burritos
With a few quick chops and stirs, this hearty breakfast is great for a small family on the run. Stir in together the night before and refrigerate the mixture, so all you have to do is pop it in the microwave in the morning and fill your tortillas!

Creamy oatmeal with berries
Recipe provided by Dairy Farmers of Canada ©

Morning glory breakfast bars
The classic muffin flavour combination gets reinvented here with a nutrition boost in an easy-to-make bar.

Blender breakfast smoothie
Great for when you want breakfast or a snack on the run; it takes only a minute to make and is packed with nutrients.

8 Treasure and Sweet Potato Congee
If you like oatmeal but want to try something new, this bowl of congee may be what you're looking for. The sweet potato not only adds natural sweetness, but increases the fibre content, too.

Pumpkin seed and walnut porridge (Ghana)

Khao Tom (Thai rice soup)
In Thailand, soup is a staple breakfast item. It is served from street vendors and made from leftover ingredients from last night’s dinner.

Swedish knäckebröd
These crackers taste great with a savory light cream cheese and cucumbers as well as jam or hummus.

Egg Bhurji
This savory Indian egg dish, made with chili pepper and ginger among other ingredients, is sure to add some spice to your day.

Couscous breakfast cereal
Traditionally served as a side dish, this pasta is great to try for breakfast, warm or cold. With an added dollop of yogurt on top, this will become your favourite on-the-run breakfast.

Polenta with cranberry apple compote
Make the polenta ahead and the fruit mixture for an easy breakfast to enjoy during the week, which can be reheated quickly in the microwave.

Wild rice pancakes
Added flavour and texture from the wild rice makes these pancakes different and flavourful for breakfast, brunch or any meal.

Make ahead steel-cut oatmeal with dates
This recipe is great to make ahead and reheat for a quick breakfast at home or bring to work. 

Make-ahead whole-wheat blueberry pancakes
These pancakes are made with whole-wheat flour and flax for a good source of fibre and some heart-healthy omega-3.

Rise & shine breakfast sandwich
Try this breakfast sandwich for a quick on-the-go start to your day. It is easier than take out, and so much better for you.

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