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Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba leads the way in primary prevention

We all recognize that healthy eating, more physical activity and better lifestyle choices are key to our individual, family and community well-being. But how can we best involve citizens, organizations and policy makers in turning that awareness into action?

Over the next five years, the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) in Manitoba is investing in that solution, putting the primary prevention of chronic diseases at the forefront of its work.

HSF is promoting a primary prevention system for Manitoba by:

  • Focusing its own public education and research efforts on primary prevention
  • Working with the various stakeholders engaged in primary prevention
  • Initiating broad-based discussion on a collaborative approach to linking existing research programs, policies and activities and developing a systemic approach to primary prevention in the province

 Through this work we intend to generate a sustained commitment to primary prevention in Manitoba that:

  • Strengthens prevention research and evidence, develops community capacity, transforms best practices into results-oriented policies and programs and systematically monitors and evaluates progress
  • Increases funding for prevention research and the collecting and sharing of evidence
  • Results in more intentional, coordinated primary prevention activities – better information, stronger awareness and more effective actions and investments

The Primary Prevention Syndicate

HSFin Manitoba is excited to work with partners across Manitoba to facilitate the development of a coordinated, strategic approach to coordinating actions and strengthening results for primary prevention.

One key area of focus has been initiating a Primary Prevention Syndicate.

Positioning Statement

The primary prevention syndicate believes that a more systemized approach to primary prevention* will lead to healthier Manitobans.

The primary prevention syndicate brings together Manitoba organizations and individuals who are committed to making primary prevention everyone’s business

Our purpose is to increase the profile of and commitment to primary prevention across government, business and community sectors.

 We do this by:

  • Increasing public support for the benefits of primary prevention.
  • Strengthening communication and linkages between prevention research, policy and practice.
  • Providing a forum for organizations, individuals, initiatives and resources in the following sectors to work together: Civil Society, Government, Industry, Media, Schools, Workplaces and Institutions, Health and other Professions and People.

*The working definition of Primary Prevention is adopted from the World Health Organization as follows:  “Primary prevention is directed towards preventing the initial occurrence of a disorder/disease. Disease prevention is considered to be an action dealing with individuals and populations identified as exhibiting identifiable risk factors, often associated with different risk behaviours.

To date, two planning tables – Research and Advocacy – are being established with Partners in Planning for Healthy Living bringing to the table their expertise and ongoing work in local risk factor surveillance.

Watch this website and your email for updates including the date of the next Stakeholder Forum anticipated for October, 2011.

Raising the Public Profile of Primary Prevention

The Primary Prevention Syndicate in partnership with the Alliance for the Prevention of Chronic Disease is launching a public awareness campaign as part of the upcoming Provincial Election Campaign.

See the letter we have written to the leaders of the three provincial parties.

Download our Ask Your Candidate handout.

Other Key Accomplishments

Over the past two years, this work has also included:

For further information or to become involved, please contact:
Leah Goodwin, project facilitator, at

Posted June, 2011