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Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba leads the way in primary prevention

About the Primary Prevention Syndicate

The Primary Prevention Syndicate was initiated by the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba to strengthen primary prevention in the province. Partners include MANTRA, PACM, The Alliance for Prevention of Chronic Disease, and many other stakeholders. We believe that by working together, we are targeting a healthier future for all.

The purpose of the Primary Prevention Syndicate is to bring together Manitoba governments, businesses, community organizations and individuals who are committed to making primary prevention everybody’s business.

Our work includes

  • Advocating for a comprehensive strategy resulting in a commitment to healthy living with a 1% annual reduction in smoking, physical inactivity and levels of excess weight in Manitoba.
  • Advocating for research and resource dollars directed towards efforts of primary prevention.
  • Stimulating/facilitating primary prevention initiatives.
  • Engaging and linking stakeholders in primary prevention across Manitoba.
  • Developing tools such as “Making the Case for Primary Prevention” and subsequent updates, support documents and educational activities, to highlight the understanding of Manitoba’s economic burden from smoking, physical inactivity and excess weight in Manitoba. (to see the economic analysis reports, visit

Improving the health of Manitobans requires the leadership and commitment to develop policies and programs to integrate prevention measures into the health care spectrum of this province. This will make a significant shift to preventing disease.

*The working definition of Primary Prevention is adopted from the World Health Organization as follows:Primary prevention is directed towards preventing the initial occurrence of a disorder/disease. Disease prevention is considered to be an action dealing with individuals and populations identified as exhibiting identifiable risk factors, often associated with different risk behaviours."

Spring Election 2016 - Raising the Public Profile of Primary Prevention

During this election campaign, The Primary Prevention Syndicate (PPS) is urging candidates to make the commitment to support healthy choices for Manitobans. Letters have been sent to the leaders of the three provincial parties and ‘Ask Your Candidate’ questions have been developed for all stakeholders to use when talking with political candidates.

Engagement Forums – The Primary Prevention Syndicate holds bi-annual engagement forums to bring together stakeholders and address current issues around primary prevention.On May 5th, 2016, PPS held its 13th engagement forum (links below). For further information regarding past engagement forums, please contact Maria at

May 5th Engagement Forum – ‘Mental Well-being and the 3 Risk Factors’

Nov 5th Engagement Forum – ‘How do we make primary prevention resonate with government and key stakeholders?’