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Political parties challenged to reduce smoking, physical inactivity and obesity

1% Reduction could save $490 Million Annually

Manitoba political parties were challenged to commit to a 1% annual reduction in each of smoking, physical inactivity and overweight/obesity.  

“Reducing the three core risk factors of smoking, physical inactivity and overweight/obesity is critical to the health and productivity of Manitobans,” said Debbie Brown Co-Chair Primary Prevention Syndicate and President and CEO, Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba.  “Unless governments focus on achieving results in reducing these risk factors, the health of Manitobans will continue to decline, productivity will decline and health care costs will continue to climb.”

According to a recent economic analysis of the burden of the three risk factors, smoking, physical inactivity and overweight/obesity cost Manitobans annually more than $490 million in direct annual health care costs and more than $1 billion in lost productivity and continuing this trend could cost Manitobans $4.7 billion in increased health care expenditures and lost productivity over the next 15 years. The analysis is contained in Making the Case for Primary Prevention available at

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Political parties were also asked to respond to a 2011 Provincial Election Questionnaire to determine their stance on Primary Prevention. 

View the NDP's response.

View the PC's response.

Posted Sept, 2011.