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Manitoba Stroke Workshops

The following workshops were presented by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and sponsored by (with unrestricted educational grants) from sanofi-aventis and the government of Manitoba in September, 2011. Click on the links to watch previously taped presentations.

Workshop for Nurses: Inpatient Stroke Care
Keynote Speaker: Laura MacIsaac, Clinical Nurse Specialist
York Central Hospital
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Hyperacute Stroke Management

Acute Inpatient Stroke Care

Manitoba Stroke Strategy Program
Keynote Speaker: Brie DeMone, Executive Director
Health System Innovation, Manitoba Health

Click here to watch (33 min streaming video)

Implementing the Ontario Stroke Strategy
Speaker: Laura MacIsaac

Watch: "A Plan is Born" (50 min streaming video)

Overview of Acute Stroke
Manitoba Stroke Workship
Speaker: Dr. Arturo Tamayo, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology)
University of Manitoba

Overview of Acute Stroke - Part 1

Overview of Acute Stroke - Part 2

T.I.A. Workshop
Speaker: Dr. Arturo Tamayo, MD, FAHA
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology)
University of Manitoba

Watch the T.I.A. Workshop

Posted November, 2011