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Primary Prevention Forums

Hosted by the Primary Prevention Syndicate and supported by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada - Manitoba, Primary Prevention Forums bring individuals and organizations together to strengthen our collective commitment to primary prevention in the province.

SPRING 2012 Forum "Primary Prevention in Tough Economic Times" - May 10


This spring, the fith Primary Prevention engagement forum was held and focused on "Primary Prevention in Tough Economic Times". The province's first ever Primary Prevention Research Chair, Dr. Alan Katz was guest speaker, and the feature presentation was provided by Dr. Richard Stanwick, who is known for his legendary role in championing smoke-free workplaces in Canada.  The forum included comments by Hon. Jim Rondeau - Minister of Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs and a workshop on "Common and Cross-Messaging". 


Common/Cross-Messaging Workshop

The session featured a Common and Cross Messaging workshop. Guided by a draft discussion paper prepared by the Advocacy Planning Table and a presentation by the Alliance, participants identified the following themes for moving forward:

  • There is economic and impact value in working together on common and cross messaging.
  • Collectively we need to do more to understand the context and needs of our audience.
  • We need to be clear, strategic and evidence-based in going forward.

Click to view a copy of the discussion paper; the presentation and handouts from the Alliance, as presented by Doris Mae Oulton, can be viewed / downloaded below:

Supplemental handouts:

Findings will be taken back to the Advocacy Planning Table for review and further action.

Click to read further detailed notes from the Common and Cross Messaging Workshop.


Primary Prevention in Tough Economic Times Discussion

The evening featured a compelling and thought-provoking presentation by Dr. Richard Stanwick. The presentation was followed by table discussions which identified the following themes:

  • Challenges and Opportunities. Sustaining existing and securing new funding will be a challenge. This will challenge stakeholders to find new ways to collaborate and be creative about getting things done. There is a real challenge in further understanding what people value and in being strategic in reaching communities we want to connect with.  
  • What is working well and needs to be sustained. This includes evaluation-based research, community-based programs, surveillance work being done through the Youth Health Survey and Partners in Planning for Healthy Living, the Health Check program and lessons learned from the Tobacco initiatives. 

The table discussions also identified and prioritized the following leading actions that need to be supported:

  • Mobilizing youth
  • Upstream actions within current activities
  • Marketing towards “value base” and applying it to all aspects of prevention
  • Equity promotion – food cost, continuing education re: healing and residential schools
  • Early childhood focus
  • Succession planning for primary prevention
  • Increasing accessibility and safety of walking
  • Supporting tax incentives
  • Advocating for stronger public policy
  • Sustaining and expanding local measurement of risk factors


FALL 2011 Forum - November 3

On November 3, 2011, the Primary Prevention Syndicate, supported by Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada -  Manitoba, hosted its fourth stakeholder engagement forum.

One of the highlights of the session was the “Knowledge in motion Workshop” facilitated by Laura Plett, Dr. Elizabeth Ready and Jan Schmalenberg, sharing their lessons learned from Winnipeg in motion. Participants also received an update on the work of the Syndicate and its partners. As well, a summary of work in the research area was presented. Copies of PowerPoint presentations used in this session can be downloaded below.